Our Mission

What We Do

New brokers wanting to embark on their mortgage broking journey with less than 2 years relevant finance & mortgage lending industry experience are required to have mentor.

Industry bodies such as the Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) and Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) require that an applicant with less than 2 years proven experience in mortgage broking appoint a qualified mentor until they have fulfilled the 2 year period.

The New Age Mentoring program, is specifically for new-to-industry brokers that not only succeed, but surpass being an average mortgage broker.  

What will be achieved
  • Create a meaningful business plan that is consistently reviewed to understand how the business is tracking  

  • Marketing plan  including , Social media management, business cards, website, community engagement, referral partnerships 

  • Learn the Mortgage broking end to end process including

    •  Initial home loan interview 

    • Research, compare and explain different Home Loan Options 

    • Compliance obligations 

    • Submitting the loan to the funder 

    • Managing the loan from submission to settlement 

    • Maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client  

    • Learn how to use award winning software to efficiently manage your own business 

  • Learn how to maximise your income by diversifying and writing Car loans, Insurance and personal loans 

Mentoring Journey